Three-way loudspeaker with a classic design and finest materials. 8” woofer, 5” midrange driver, 1” tweeter and bass reflex port provides strong and accurate sound, has extraordinary characteristics and letting you to focus on the music entirely, rather than the sound source.

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Old School Monitor M2

All of us were charmed of old school somedays. Nostalgia for their past, interesting history, amazing technical equipment – it is like a good wine, “older is better”.

However, it has been very complicated situation here. Today’s technological progresses have made a great step far ahead in comparison with “good old times”. Retro-speakers now is out of time: obsolete work materials and technologies, low quality drivers… Could be a compromise today? Or it’s a simple win-win situation (which is much better)?

The answer is “yes”. The newest series “Old School” is a great example of how they would have made loudspeakers in past in case of presence of nowadays technologies and knowledge.

Monitor M2 is the great look of classic 3-way loudspeakers back in the 80s. Loudspeaker has wide frequency response from 35 Hz to 25 kHz, and pair of it have a highly-focused “sweet spot” (the optimal listening position). That means you are free to move around inside the stereo image to find the perfect spot.

The Monitor M2 boasts big power to an ultra-responsive, long-throw 8” woofer with Balance-Drive technology and bass reflex port, which provides “bullet-proof” tight and accurate bass and 5” midrange driver. HF content comes courtesy of a high-resolution 1.1" silk dome tweeter. Every note you hear is always “under the microscope”: Monitor M2 would become an absolutely fantastic part of your home system!

Recommended amplifier power is for 50W to 200W max.


Type 3-way, reflex
SENSITIVITY dB/1 m/2,83 V 88
Frequency Response, Hz 38-25000
Impedance, Ohm 4
Weight net of 1 pc, kg 23.1
Dimensions, mm 270 X 530 X 395

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