Old School -
a European brand of highly sophisticated acoustic systems designed and produced in Latvia (European Union).

Old School  Events:
18-20 Nov.: Moscow Hi-End Show 2016. Moscow, Russia
4-6 Nov.: Audio Video Show 2016. Warsaw, Poland
5-8 May: High End 2016.
Munich, Germany

From the start of our early discussions, Old School Engineers stressed the importance of selecting the best components to realize the client’s desires.

By taking advantage of an efficient production process, the custom made speakers could be produced without compromising style or durability.

Combined together, Old School speakers offer inspirational sound, style, and a remarkable acoustic experience.

Enjoy your Old School experience

Three-way loudspeaker with a classic design of the systems back in the 80s. It consist of 10” woofer, 5.5” midrange driver, and a high-resolution 1.1" tweeter with a silk dome. Every note you hear is always “under the microscope”: Classic one would become an absolutely fantastic part of your home system!


Two-way bookshelf loudspeaker in 80s retro-style with premium quality coaxial driver combines 6” woofer and 1” high-resolution tweeter with bass reflex port on a back. Clean and clear audio in gloriously wide sweet spot: you will get the same excellent sound in the whole area.


Three-way loudspeaker with a classic design and finest materials. 8” woofer, 5” midrange driver, 1” tweeter and bass reflex port provides strong and accurate sound, has extraordinary characteristics and letting you to focus on the music entirely, rather than the sound source.